November 2015 Newsletter

Our October meeting was a busy night with our workshop. Members brought in their own trees to work on. We would like to remind our new members of our mentoring program, should you want help. Please ask. Also, we have our library with both bonsai books and DVDs. See Larry Kimmelman at our next meeting […]

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September / October 2015 Newsletter

Our August meeting was a workshop and swap meet. We all worked on our own trees. Our Bonsai show this year is Saturday and Sunday, October 3rd and 4th. The Conejo Valley Bonsai Society is now 12 years old and this is our 12th Annual Exhibition. Our September meeting is a workshop. (So is our October meeting. See Editor’s Note this page for explanation of this combined […]

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August 2015 Newsletter

Last month we had Kathy Benson do a demonstration on an olive. Kathy passed on many hints on designing and maintaining the olive. (See page 6 for details.) She also brought in before and after pictures of some of her olives. Thanks Kathy. For the month of August we are having a workshop and our […]

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July 2015 Newsletter

Our June meeting was a workshop and a club meeting regarding upcoming activities. Don’t forget the trip to Fuji Bonsai Nursery on Saturday July 18th. We are to arrive at 12:00 PM. We can work out details of carpools, etc., at our July meeting on the 16th. At our July meeting we will have Kathy […]

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