July 2008 Newsletter

President’s Message Strong Turnout for Pre-Summer Tree Styling Session Creates a Good Buzz By Ken Fuentes There was a buzz of enthusiasm in June’s meeting that was fantas-tic. Most members brought in multiple trees and a lot of styling went on. The timing for styling these trees was excellent, and now members have a plan […]

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June 2008 Newsletter

Perk Up Your Collection for Summer By Ken Fuentes Kick up your enthusiasm by adding new trees to your collection. I have found that the best way to increase your enthusiasm in any interest is to add something new. Because your trees are growing more, there is more maintenance required, and any ex-tra enthusiasm can […]

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May 2008 Newsletter

President’s Message Showing Up To Get Hooked on Bonsai By Ken Fuentes This has been a very rewarding month for the Conejo Valley Bonsai Society. Many members are bringing in their trees with incredible results. There is an old saying that “Showing Up” gets you 80% of the way and many of our members now […]

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April 2008 Newsletter

President’s Message Design Cues for Beginner and Novice Bonsai Enthusiasts By Ken Fuentes I was asked by a member of the club for any wisdom that would enable a beginner or novice to visualize the look of a finished bonsai tree when looking at pre-bonsai or raw stock material. He felt that he was not […]

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