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Stolen Tree – Florida

Last night, somebody stole one of Ed Trout’s buttonwood. Please read the email that Ed sent to his club about what happened: “I have some very bad news. Last night, some low life stole my (our) logo buttonwood from my back yard. It was no more than 8 feet from my back door. I am […]

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Bonsai Wiring Basics

The most commonly used shaping method in bonsai is wiring. It is important to understand the basics of wiring to get the best results possible. There is a fantastic article that was published in the first issue of Bonsai Today, written by Yonetami Toshihiro, which has more detail and examples. I am summarizing the basics […]

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3 Tips On Taking Care Of A Bonsai Tree

Tip #1 Bonsai trees are a lot of fun, but if you don t know anything on taking care of Bonsai trees, then you re going to have a hard time growing them. So here are a few tips on taking care and growing Bonsai trees. Tips On Taking Care Of A Bonsai Tree #1: […]

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