Stolen Tree – Florida

Last night, somebody stole one of Ed Trout’s buttonwood. Please read the email that Ed sent to his club about what happened: “I have some very bad news. Last night, some low life stole my (our) logo buttonwood from my back yard. It was no more than 8 feet from my back door. I am […]

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Bonsai Wiring Basics

The most commonly used shaping method in bonsai is wiring. It is important to understand the basics of wiring to get the best results possible. There is a fantastic article that was published in the first issue of Bonsai Today, written by Yonetami Toshihiro, which has more detail and examples. I am summarizing the basics […]

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3 Tips On Taking Care Of A Bonsai Tree

Tip #1 Bonsai trees are a lot of fun, but if you don t know anything on taking care of Bonsai trees, then you re going to have a hard time growing them. So here are a few tips on taking care and growing Bonsai trees. Tips On Taking Care Of A Bonsai Tree #1: […]

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Shimpaku Juniper faces extinction threat!

While looking around on Google for some information related to why on earth the color of one of my Shimpaku’s may be turning to an Olive Drab shade of green I discovered this little gem of an article. Shimpaku Juniper, which is popularly known as “The Smoke of the Volcano” due to its powerful swirling […]

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