May is the best of times!

 . This month is a wonderful month in the world of Bonsai. We are into longer days and warmer temperatures which means your Bonsai are shaking off the winter doldrums and unfurling their beautiful leaves and for those that do flower their outstanding blossoms. It’s extremely important to keep in mind three things that affect […]

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A homemade bonsai soil container

Here’s the how-to. If you’re like me then you like to indulge yourself with the fantasy that all of the recycling you do actually works. But I also understand that recycling doesn’t always mean sending your trash away to a mystical recycling plant with a resulting zero percent carbon impact on the earth! That is […]

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How to Plant Your Own Moss

I recently acquired some small packets of Fujiyama Moss with the intention of ‘growing’ my own moss and recorded the preparation and process of spreading the spores over the soil. Things you may need to do this yourself are moss spores or ground up moss, a shallow tray, some finely sifted soil, a misting bottle, […]

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Updated: 42nd Annual Spring 2007 Bonsai Exhibition

Tom and Kiwe will be going to the show this weekend. They will be sure to take lot’s of photos and report back upon their return! The San Diego Bonsai Club Presents The 42nd Annual Spring 2007 Bonsai & Sui-Seki Exhibition April 28th & 29th, 2007 Casa del Prado, Room 101 Balboa Park, San Diego […]

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