Updated: 42nd Annual Spring 2007 Bonsai Exhibition

Tom and Kiwe will be going to the show this weekend. They will be sure to take lot’s of photos and report back upon their return! The San Diego Bonsai Club Presents The 42nd Annual Spring 2007 Bonsai & Sui-Seki Exhibition April 28th & 29th, 2007 Casa del Prado, Room 101 Balboa Park, San Diego […]

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Some notes for propagating Jade cuttings

As most of you know by now we have a lot of Jade. It’s not the kind that is typically used for bonsai however it does propagate with almost no effort. Here are some basic tips for growing Jade from cuttings. When making your cuttings, be sure to use a sterile, very sharp knife! The […]

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Three Foemina Junipers on a Slab

Group Planting at Ted Matson Workshop Using three 5-gallon Foemina Junipers and a slab of slate, I created this group planting in a Ted Matson workshop at Kimura Bonsai and Landscape Nursery on Sunday, April 15, 2007. Because of the size of the trees, not to mention the inexperience of the four students, the workshop […]

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Bonsai videos by Mike Hansen

I stumbled across these videos tonight about Bonsai and Bonsai care. I found them to be very informative and felt it would be good content to share with the group. I hope you find them as enjoyable as I did. And now on with the show! Mike Hansen, owner of Midwest Bonsai, has been growing, […]

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