February 2009 Newsletter

President’s Message What Season Is It? (And Other Club News) By Ken Fuentes  Ken Fuentes Welcome to the unpredictable California weather. I look at my trees and I am sure many varieties are trying to figure out if the season is spring or maybe summer? In either case, I have been busy refining branch structures […]

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January 2009 Newsletter

President’s Message Potlucks, Scholarships, and Spring Growth By Ken Fuentes    Ken Fuentes Our holiday potluck on December 18 was fantastic. We had a nice turnout and an absolutely delicious dinner. Thanks to all that participated in the auction and the raffle; I assure you that the funds raised will be put to good use. […]

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December 2008 Newsletter

President’s Message Happy Holidays! By Ken Fuentes We had great participation at our November meeting. Members brought in trees that had been worked on in previous meetings that showed great improvement. Thanks to everyone for participating! We will revisit the nomination of an election committee for the 2009 officers. We had planned to cover this […]

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November 2008 Newsletter

President’s Message Let’s Make Our Club An Educational Organization By Ken Fuentes Our November meeting is the last workshop of this year and I am hoping for 100% participation. Please bring in any trees that have been worked on in the past to review and refine existing design plans.  Ken Fuentes If you have a […]

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