A homemade bonsai soil container

Here’s the how-to.

If you’re like me then you like to indulge yourself with the fantasy that all of the recycling you do actually works. But I also understand that recycling doesn’t always mean sending your trash away to a mystical recycling plant with a resulting zero percent carbon impact on the earth! That is why I like to reuse whenever possible.

Occasionally we buy water in 2.5 gallon containers and then ‘Recycle’ them. However it occurred to me that they would make fantastic containers to hold various grits of soil for my growing Bonsai habit.

Things you’ll need for your Bonsai Soil Container

Empty 2.5 gallon water jugs.
A sharp cutting blade
1 minute of labor
Bonsai soil components
Clear a place to work and gather up your materials.

Prepare to remove the front of the jug. I like to use as small of a blade as possible to minimize the severity of injury if I accidentally slip and cut something that I wanted to keep. Stand the jug up so that the nozzle is now the top of the jug. And begin to cut around the circumference of the jug.

That’s it! Do this several times for each type of soil you have and you’ll always be prepared for those repotting emergencies.

Enjoy your new soil containers.


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