How to Plant Your Own Moss

I recently acquired some small packets of Fujiyama Moss with the intention of ‘growing’ my own moss and recorded the preparation and process of spreading the spores over the soil. Things you may need to do this yourself are moss spores or ground up moss, a shallow tray, some finely sifted soil, a misting bottle, scissors, and a calm moist place to put your moss.


I used soil which was screened with the smallest screen that came with my soil sifter set. Then I evenly spread the soil in a humidity tray which is about ? inch deep.

I cut open the moss packet and saw another smaller yellow packet inside.


Inside of the yellow packet was some green fluffy fibrous powder which looked like ground up moss.


I gently poured the moss out onto the larger packet so I could get a better look at the substance. Again, the moss spores are very fluffy and lightweight. I noticed that when I made even the slightest movement near the pile of moss spores they would waft up and float away.


The next step was to gently spread the moss powder over the soil. I quickly learned that I could use the fluffy nature of the moss spores to my advantage by releasing the material several inches above the soil which let it disperse and cover the soil more evenly.


As I began to spray the soil with water some of the moss was blown off of the soil by the force of the water mist. The lesson learned there is that I should have moistened the soil before applying the moss spores.


After the soil was sufficiently saturated with water I placed the tray in a shaded area with little breeze to prevent the soil from drying out.

New moss should be visible in two to three weeks.

I have heard from other people that you can simply put some moss in a blender and spread it over soil and you should end up with the same results as growing directly from spores.


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