May 2013 Newsletter

Our April meeting was a workshop. Members brought their trees in and we all had a busy working evening.

The mentoring program appears to be working well. For example, Richard and Kazue Winston were busily working with Rick Naber on their new trees they recently picked up in our last club nursery trip. If you have any questions regarding the mentoring program please see Larry Kimmelman.

For our May meeting we have Kathy Benson as our demonstrator. She will be critiquing club members’ olive trees. So don’t forget—bring in your olive trees and Kathy will help you! I would like to put a call out for our club members to enlist your help in a few areas:

Refreshments—Please sign up to bring drinks or cookies at one of our monthly meetings. See Jill Peters for details.

Niche Display—We would love for you to display your trees, whether completed or in training. See Our Niche Display spot on page 4 of the newsletter to see what it’s all about and then see me for a sign-up date.

Club logo—Is it time to update? Let us know what you think. Any ideas? Club nursery trips or programs—Have you seen or been part of something interesting you think our club members might enjoy? Let us know and we will introduce it to our membership.

There are a number of club spring exhibitions coming up. In May we have Santa Barbara and in June there is Descanso. These are just a couple of local shows—for details see page 4 of this newsletter.

See you Thursday, May 16th. (It’s coming early this month!)

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