Stolen Tree – Florida

Last night, somebody stole one of Ed Trout’s buttonwood. Please read the email that Ed sent to his club about what happened:

“I have some very bad news. Last night, some low life stole my (our) logo buttonwood from my back yard. It was no more than 8 feet from my back door. I am sad & sick, and feel like someone has kidnapped a family member. Please help me get the word out. Ed”

If you know Ed, you will agree with us that Ed gives his time, expertise and love of Bonsai freely to all. He is one of the pioneers of Bonsai in Florida and I think we have all learnt alot from him and respect him immensely.

It is now our time to show him that we care and how grateful we are to him. Please pass this on to everyone that you can, even if they are not in bonsai. If you know the email to your local newspaper, send it to them as well (they may do a story on it). The more people that know and see the picture attached, the more chance we have to find Ed’s tree and get the tree returned to it’s proper place. A picture of the tree etc will be on our website:
If you have any questions or information, please don’t hestitate to contact us.

Narelle Robbins
Corresponding Secretary
Bonsai Societies of Florida

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