The Oaks Dig 2 Went Great!

The club’s second trip to The Oaks mall to collect some new bonsai material went great. Kiwe and I collected a single trunk boxwood and a small privet plant.

I really had my heart set on a juniper and was hoping that I would find some viable material. There was a very small area where we spotted some variegated Juniperus prostrata (horizontalis)

I singled one out for extraction and began to dig when I noticed that the base was actually joined sub terrain with what appeared to be an adjacent plant. This was no good because then I would have an 8 inch tall base with a giant ‘Y’ shape. Other than that it was a pretty low-slung plant with some weird yellow needles. I’m told it was currently ‘flowering.’ I thought it was mites.

At any rate we had a great time and took it easy on this trip because on the last visit we were soooo tired the next few days because of all the digging.

The small privet plant is in pretty bad shape. But I am hopeful that it will bounce back and make for an interesting tree. It has an interesting switchback.

When we started to remove some of the soil from the root ball we noticed a really large amount of roots from another plant that had intermingled with the root system. When we removed the roots that didn’t seem to belong we were left with a ridiculously minute amount of roots to work with.

It has really nice movement and ‘IF’ it lives will make a fine addition to our collection.

Here’s some info on Privet’s

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