Three Foemina Junipers on a Slab

Group Planting at Ted Matson Workshop
Using three 5-gallon Foemina Junipers and a slab of slate, I created this group planting in a Ted Matson workshop at Kimura Bonsai and Landscape Nursery on Sunday, April 15, 2007. Because of the size of the trees, not to mention the inexperience of the four students, the workshop lasted all day — from 9:30 AM to about 3:00 PM, Kimura’s Sunday closing time.

This bonsai’s story is that these are three nearly same-age trees growing on a slate outcropping in a Western forest. But what you see is a very rough first styling — really more a pre-styling just to get the three trees down to the size and general shape necessary to fit them all on the slab.

The No. 1 tree (the middle one) needs to grow taller while other two remain at or near current height. The two closely planted Junipers on the left are virtually identical in diameter of the trunk while the No. 3 tree on the right is slightly smaller, thus perhaps a little younger.

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