Working on the site a bit.

I worked on the Bonsai Links section today. I made it so that when you do a search it will show 7 results per page. Otherwise it shows a long list of results and it cuts off the bottom ones and that’s no good.

So it’s working much better now and looks prettier.

I also added some harmless Google advertisements into the Links section to help with covering some of the costs of working on and hosting this website.

The CVBS Dig went well. We all left with something useful hopefully. Please be sure to read the article that was posted by me regarding making sure that your material is clean before integrating it with your collection.

I will see if the mall management is willing to let us dig again. I was really hoping to get a nice juniper but didn’t have any luck mostly because the Boxwood sap’d all of my energy.

Over by Armstrong’s Nursery there is a different species of juniper that looks like it would be ideal for bonsai. However that species doesn’t exist within the confines of the mall demolition area.

The hunt continues. I have some other fresh contacts with several very large landscaping companies that do very large corporate parks and extractions. I’ll ask them soon if they will let us onsite while they are working. Maybe we can have them use their back-hoe to assist with getting material.

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