April 2007 Newsletter

Good news.  Thanks to Marj Branson we have a new home, the community center at the Westlake City Hall.  It is located approximately ? mile east on Agoura road from Lindero Canyon.  Go south on Lindero Canyon and turn left onto Agoura Road.  There is a large sign “City Hall” just before you turn right on Oakcrest Drive. Our next meeting on may 17 will be held there.

Remember this month, Thursday, April 19, will be at the bank and we will have a workshop, so make sure you bring your trees and your tools. 

Our demonstrator at the May meeting will be Marcus Juniel.    

We applied rather late at the City Hall and were unable to get all of our dates.  Below is a calendar for the remainder of  the year.   Please put these dates on your calendar so you will not miss any meetings.   Hopefully next year we will be able to go back to our regular schedule.

3rd Thursday – May, June, July, August, and, December
2nd Thursday – September 13
3rd Monday – October 15
5th Thursday – November 29
We had a wonderful field trip in march with 10 members attending.  We visited Fuji Nursery and Bruce Hisayasu Nursery and Bonsai Pot Shop.

Below are some tips from Jim Barrett which you may find helpful.

Hold off on transplanting Elms and Maples until the new growth hardens.  April should be a good time.

If you have Zelkovia bonsai, try to pay attention to removing vigorous top growth in order to develop the fine twigs.  In the upper portions of Zelkovia you should prune or pinch heavy, strong shoots and remove buds that are not needed. It goes without saying that we need to watch for scale, aphids, and red spider mites.  Spray with your favorite spray. 

Watch for powdery mildew on maples, crab apples, quince, and crepe myrtle.

Needle cast is a real problem on Black Pine, some Junipers, and Atlas Cedar.  Daconyl seems to be preferred fungicide to use. Double the suggested strength. 
Your fertilizing program should be well along. Try to vary the product so that the tree does not receive the same fertilizer all the time.

A reminder of Descanso Bonsai Society show June 15th to June 17th 2007 at Descanso Garden.

Ken Fuentes has made soil for the club.  A 2.5 gal bag will be available for $9.00.   Please advise Ken or Marj on the number of bags need.  Also Ken has made a finer grit mix which is good for starting cuttings and to use as a top dressing for your bonsai.  These bags will be available for $7.00.

Ilse Stein Editor

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