April 2014 Newsletter

Our March meeting workshop was a hive of activity. We were all busy working on our trees.

This Thursday our demonstrator will be Bob Pressler, owner of Kimura Bonsai Nursery in Northridge. He will be finishing the styling and potting of the boxwood he has been developing for us over many months. This will complete the bonsai, and it will be included in our holiday potluck auction in December for one of our lucky members to get—a Pressler designed boxwood.

The Conejo Valley Bonsai Society has had its first road trip for the year with a trip by a half-dozen members to George Muranaka’s nursery in Nipomo, CA. A good time was had by all (see article, page 5).

If there is a bonsai nursery or activity you feel the club would be interested in seeing, please let Rick Naber know and we will incorporate it with our club activities.

The California Bonsai Society’s exhibition was the last weekend of March. There were many excellent trees on display along with several shohin displays. Remember, many clubs hold spring and summer shows. If you have the opportunity, take in as many as you can—they are great opportunities to learn and to be inspired. The list of upcoming exhibitions is on page 6 of our newsletter.

There have been worker bees on The Golden State Bonsai Collection South at the Huntington Botanical Gardens in San Marino, CA. The program was stepped up in 2013 and will continue throughout 2014. If members are interested in helping, please let me know so when the work programs are planned we can give you the dates and time.

Don’t forget—keep an eye on your trees. The recent short burst of heat can put stress on your trees along with a burst of tree growth, so watch your wires!

See you Thursday the 17th.

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