April 2015 Newsletter

The March meeting of the Conejo Valley Bonsai Society was an excellent demonstration on zelkova with Ted Matson. It was a very interesting evening. One zelkova Ted brought with him was a large forest planting; this forest made it into the California Bonsai Society exhibition at the Huntington Gardens in late March. The leaves were just starting to pop, so the contrast of the light bark on the tree trunks with the pale yellow new leaves was stunning. Ted has renewed all our interest in the zelkova. (For the full story about Ted’s demonstration, please see page 4.)

We had our first outing for 2015 on Saturday, March 21, when we headed out to Bob Pressler’s Kimura Bonsai Nursery. (Bob is a member of CVBS.) We all had a fun day—see the pictures on page 6. And we all came away with something special! Thanks Bob.

Don’t forget our next outing is May 16th, a trip to the House of Bonsai.

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