April 2016 Newsletter

Our March meeting was a workshop with Bob Pressler. Bob worked on members’ problem trees. There were a few major cuts and a few gasps—but we all survived and it was a fun evening. It was helpful to get another set of eyes on a tree kicked to the curb!

Our April Bonsai meeting will be a workshop so bring your trees to work on.

We have confirmed that our Annual Exhibition will be the weekend of October 1st and 2nd at the Gardens of the World. Have a look at your collection and start grooming your show trees. If necessary, put them in a show pot. It is almost to the end of the season to do repotting so give this some thought.

The planned trip to Muranaka Bonsai Nursery for April 9th got rained out. Sorry guys—we will try again. We need the rain—just not on our trip weekends! I have been working with Nat Stein’s Elm tree that we donated to the Gardens of the World. Last fall the trunk and the branches were all black with sooty mold. I took it home and have been working on it trying to get rid of the mold.

This has been quite a slow process. First I checked the tree for the usual culprits: scale, aphids, and any other critters. I then gave the tree a severe trim so I could get at the branches, and repotted it.

There were very few leaves left on the tree when I was done. I sprayed the tree with a copper-based fungicide and was washing it with a weak solution of Dawn detergent, lightly scrubbing the branches with a small soft brush. This is a slow process and I have to be careful not to scrape off the bark.

I have to return the tree to the Gardens so I would like to be far enough along in the cure stage. The leaves are growing very well—in that respect the tree looks very health. If anyone can give me any other suggestions on how to look after the tree I would appreciate it.

We are open to suggestions for bonsai field trips or other bonsai activities our members might enjoy. Bring them up at our next meeting. Don’t forget this is the season for bonsai shows. Take in as many as possible.

And with the warm days and the recent rain, check your wires! See you Thursday, April 21st.

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