April 2019 Newsletter

After all the winter rain, the recent warm, sunny weather is welcome. Now, even slow deciduous trees should all start to pop!

Looking ahead to the Conejo Valley Bonsai Society’s regular monthly meeting on April 18, bonsai master Jim Barrett will create a forest of foemina junipers. Over the years, we have seen samples of Jim’s foeminas from his personal collection at various shows. This should be a great night.

At our March 21, 2019 meeting, Frank Yee introduced members to cork jades, a variety of jade that he developed. After styling one large jade, he put together a forest using 11 of these unusual trees. It is a unique and stunning piece that some lucky person will get in our 2019 holiday potluck’s raffle and auction. See story and photos starting on page 4.
The California Bonsai Society (CBS) had its exhibition the last weekend of March. It was a treat to see the variety of old trees on display.

Many members of the bonsai community attended the Huntington Gardens’ thank you party for volunteers (such as Bonsai-A-Thon helpers). It was a good time to catch up, exchange news, and talk about all the upcoming bonsai club activities and exhibitions. (See page 9 for details of upcoming events.)

During the CBS show, the club hosted an historic event: the replanting of Goshin III. As detailed in our February newsletter, this famous foemina juniper forest was created by bonsai great John Naka to honor his children and grandchildren (see Feb-ruary 2019 issue, page 11).

There was much care taken to put the forest back together looking like Naka’s original creation. The replanting team had many pictures of the original forest so they could achieve that objective.

The first step in the replanting of Goshin III was to select from the many trees 11 that would best suit the final planting. This was achieved by placing the individual trees, in their black nursery cans, on the workbench.

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