April 2020 Bonsai Newsletter

The Conejo Valley Bonsai Society’s April meeting has been canceled due to the CORVID-19 pandemic. During this stressful time, we are taking a number of steps to keep our CVBS community in touch with each other and our art. Our newsletter will continue publication on its normal monthly schedule. Beginning with this issue, the newsletter includes some new segments:

CVBS Member Projects
Club members who are working on bonsai projects are invited to send info to newsletter editor David Whiteside. Our first Member Project column features member Ben Conway (see page 4). So, what-ever you are doing with your bonsai, take a few photographs, write a para-graph or two about them, and send it all to David so he can include it in the next newsletter.

Bonsai Online
There is a lot of material on the web and social media talking about bonsai. Some of it is not very good and misleading. Ken Martin is reviewing trusted websites and will critique them and their strong points (see page 5).

Virtual Niche Displays
We will continue with niche dis-plays, but under the circumstances, they will be virtual. Rather than displaying at our meeting, the niche volunteer will set up their display at home, take pictures of it, and send them to David with their comments. Ken Martin’s March display is featured in this issue (see page 6). Check the niche schedule on page 3 to see when you come up.

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