August 2007 Newsletter

K A T H Y      I S      C O M I N G

Kathy Benson one of our favorite demonstrators will be our guest at our meeting this month, Thursday, August 16, at the Westlake City Hall. She will be working on a large Pomegranate, and also bring the tree she worked on last year so you can see how it grew over the year. So let’s show her a full house.

Jim Barrett is planning a plant reduction sale some time in the next few months. Let’s plan a trip out there. He lives close to Bruce Hisayasu (the bonsai pot shop). Jim also is selling used pots that he bought from an estate sale,and tools (new) from someone else. They will be sold at a big discount.

September will be a workshop to ready our trees for the October show, which is October 6 and 7. Remember our meeting will be September 13 (second Thursday).

Also make sure you mark your calendar with the changes in dates for our meetings:

October 15 (3rd MONDAY)

November 29 (5th THURSDAY)

December 20 (3rd THURSDAY) Christmas party & regular meeting day.

We have a few books for sale, the book I highly recommend is “Bonsai Ideas” by Marty Mann. It is a must for beginners.


News Editor

Ilse Stein


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