August 2012 Newsletter

Our July meeting was a demonstration with Kathy Benson working on a crape myrtle along with critiquing member’s crape myrtle trees. The demonstration tree went through an inspiring transformation (which included cutting off all the blossoms—see full story, pages 4 – 5). Kathy has donated the tree to the club for our Holiday Raffle. Many crape myrtles in the community are in full bloom right now if members would like to try working with them—give your local nursery a check.

We have received registration materials for the October Golden State Bonsai Federation Convention. They will be available at our August meeting for members planning to attend. With the heat of summer watch your watering program. The small bonsai pots dry out very quickly and may need watering twice a day. Also, if you have trees displayed against a building, don’t forget you get heat reflecting off the building as well. It may be necessary to move your trees around. Our October annual exhibition at Gardens of the World is coming up very quickly—only two more meetings remain before the show.

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