August 2015 Newsletter

Last month we had Kathy Benson do a demonstration on an olive. Kathy passed on many hints on designing and maintaining the olive. (See page 6 for details.) She also brought in before and after pictures of some of her olives. Thanks Kathy.

For the month of August we are having a workshop and our annual Swap Meet, so don’t forget to bring in your bonsai material that you would like to sell to fellow members. And don’t forget to come prepared to pick up some choice pieces.

It was suggested that we have another swap meet before the end of the year during one of our other workshop evenings. Your thoughts please—we will discuss on Thursday.

We have received a reminder from the Golden State Bonsai Federation about its upcoming 38th Annual Convention the end of October in Riverside. They are looking for bonsai-related items for their raffle and/or auction. We will discuss this at our August meeting so please give it some thought.

Our July nursery trip was to Fuji Bonsai Nursery. We arrived just before noon, so we had some time to ask questions of Roy Nagatoshi, the owner. Our fellow club member Rick Naber attends classes at the nursery. He was a big help to us in finding where the trees were placed within the nursery and just walking around and identifying a variety of trees. Many of us came away with something it was a good day out for all! (For details and photos, see page 5.)

With our hot and humid days, watch your trees. Bugs, wire, and water are all concerns. (See Barrett’s Bonsai Tips, page 3.) See you Thursday, August 20th.

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