August 2016 Newsletter

Our July meeting was a workshop and a club meeting. We discussed upcoming club activities and the Golden State Bonsai Federation’s role in the larger California bonsai community and club participation in its many programs.

The GSBF is a valuable organization that offers student and teacher programs and hands-on working programs. It supports three collections of high-quality bonsai, including one at the Huntington Gardens just east of Los Angeles. This collection is supported in part by proceeds from the annual Bonsai-A-Thon at the Huntington each winter. Volunteers from our club, among many others, help execute this fundraising effort.

The GSBF also organizes an annual convention where professionals and hobbyists come together for an intense four or five days of workshops, seminars, and demonstrations. During the convention, there is always a large hall filled with vendors’ booths; it’s an annual opportunity to acquire fresh stock, tools, and just about any bonsai-related material. Visit their website at The Conejo Valley Bonsai Society is a member of GSBF.

Our August meeting will be a workshop plus our annual Swap Meet. We have found past summer meetings with a Swap Meet successful, so we will be repeating it again this year. Check your collection to see what you can contribute in the line of pots, trees, tools, or other bonsai-related items for sale or swap. A small portion of sales prices is contributed to the club, so bring your pocketbook and be prepared to open it to acquire material for your bonsai practice and at the same time support your club.

I would like to remind members of our mentoring program. If you would like to work with a mentor or could volunteer to be a mentor, please see Larry Kimmelman. New CVBS member Larry Garfinkel has just signed up for the program.

Welcome aboard, Larry.

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