August 2017 Newsletter

Our August meeting will be a workshop and swap meet. Have a look through your collection of trees, accessories, pots, etc. and see what you would like to part with or pick up from some-one else.

Also at the August meeting, we would like to continue our discussion of the exhibition we held at the Arts Center in Thousand Oaks in June. Please bring your thoughts and suggestions.

The bonsai collections at the Huntington Gar-dens always need help (see page 7). We can ar-range a Saturday work day with curator Ted Mat-son. This is to be discussed at our August meeting along with any other activities you might like to suggest.

Our next big activity is our 13th Annual Exhi-bition at the Gardens of the World in Thousand Oaks the weekend of October 7 – 8. Start checking your collection now to see what trees you would like to show. You are welcome to bring your trees to our August meeting to get advice about how to make them show ready.
Other plans for the fall include the Golden State Bonsai Federation’s 40th Annual Convention at the Riverside Convention Center on October 25 – 29. Visit the GSBF’s Convention website for the details at

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