December 2011 Newsletter

Conejo Valley Bonsai Society.12.2011. email editionW e find ourselves at the end of 2011 and would like to thank everyone in making the year a bonsai success!

Our October bonsai exhibition at the Gardens of the World was well represented by our club members with a good show of trees. We had a busy two days with many visitors—both members of the local communities visiting the garden and our fellow bonsai enthusiasts.

At the Bonsai-A-Thon held at the Huntington Gardens as the fund raiser for the Golden State Bonsai Federation’s Southern California collection, our club was well represented by members helping out. The exhibition will again be held in February 2012, and we will again appreciate your help.

We completed and adopted a Mission Statement and By-Laws for the Conejo Valley Bonsai Society. Thanks to Ken Martin for taking the lead.

Debbie Ervin had put together a good year for demonstrators for 2011, and she has done
the same for 2012. Please check page 2 for the new 2012 schedule and put these dates on your calendar.

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