December 2020 Bonsai Newsletter

New: Virtual Mini Workshops

By Marj Branson

A very Happy Holiday and New Year to all with a special best wishes for a much better 2021! With the Covid-19 shut-down, hopefully we can all spend quality time with our households.

We have some exciting new programs for 2021: virtual workshops and consultancies with our club advisor. Club Editor David Whiteside is looking at how to organize mini workshops via Zoom or other meeting platforms such as FaceTime or Skype.

These mini workshops will be groups of members coming together virtually to dis-cuss trees they are working with. Each group will be small—probably just two to four members—so everyone has time to discuss their tree. In addition, CVBS Advisor Ken Fuentes has agreed to offer one-on-one virtual consultations. Please give this some thought and let David Whiteside know your thoughts and whether you are interested in participating.

Note that participation requires internet access and a phone, tablet, laptop, or computer with a webcam and microphone. Most smartphones, many tablets and laptops, and some computers have built-in cameras. Inexpensive external webcams are available at many consumer electronics stores.


In November, we finalized our election of officers. The officers from 2020 agreed to serve for 2021. Ditto for the committee chairs. Thank you fellow board and commit-tee members for staying on for another year. Our officers and committee chairs for 2021 will be:


  • President: Marj Branson
  • Vice President: Mike Blumenberg
  • Treasurer: Ken Fuentes
  • Secretary: Ken Martin

Committee Chairs:

  • Advisor: Ken Fuentes
  • Membership: Nancy Smeets
  • Newsletter Editor: David Whiteside
  • Program: Nancy Smeets
  • Publicity: Guy & Deborah Ervin
  • Refreshments: Mike Blumenberg
  • Librarian: Mike Blumenberg
  • Field Trips & Activities: Damon DuBois


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