February 2013 Newsletter

W e started January off with Alex Martinez doing our first demonstration for 2013. Fortunately for me the juniper Alex selected to work on for the evening was mine, so I have the start of an Alex Martinez designed tree. Thanks to all!

The Bonsai-A-Thon, which is at the end of February, still needs volunteers to help work the Saturday and/or Sunday. We have supported this activity in past years, so if anyone would like to volunteer please let me know. Plan a day for it—spend a few hours working and the balance of the day going through the vendor section or watching the demonstrations. The details of the program are on page 6 of this newsletter.

Springtime is the start of club shows. Try to attend as many as you can. It is a good opportunity to meet your mentor and make this part of the learning program.

Our nursery trip discussion got overlooked at our January meeting. Please bring your ideas and wishes to our February meeting and we can put a  program in place.

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