February 2015 Newsletter

We will be starting our 2015 demonstration program at our February meeting with Ryan Nichols. He will be presenting his program Back to the Roots Part II. This is a continuation of his topic from his demonstration back in June 2014. Check out the July 2014 issue of this newsletter either in your back issues or, if you don’t have them, visit our web site (www.cvbs-bonsai.org) to find the archive of back issues. See page 4 of that issue where Ken Martin summarized Ryan’s program. You might find it a good quick refresher before our February meeting.

The Bonsai-A-Thon, which is February 28 – March 1, still needs volunteers to help work on that Saturday and/or Sunday. We have supported this activity in past years, so if anyone would like to volunteer, please let me know. Plan a day for it, spend a few hours working and the balance of the day going through the vendor section or watching the demonstrations.

I previously e-mailed to all members the schedule and the times needed to be covered. We will cover the weekend at our February meeting should you have any questions. Please see the details of the program on page 7 of this newsletter.

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