January 2007 Newsletter

By now you will have recuperated from all your celebrating and are ready to work on your trees.  But before you do this we will hold elections.  Your nominating committee, David Whiteside and Paul Centeno, have come up with the following slate.

            Nat Stein, President
            Paul Centeno, Vice President
            Marj Branson, Secretary/treasurer
            Evans Thomas, Recording Secretary

There will be nominations from the floor.
We did have a lovely holiday party.  There were 24 people and I think everyone enjoyed her/himself.  The food was just delicious.  We surely have some great cooks.

I want to remind you that February 24 and February 25 at the Huntington Library.  I will be in Santiago at that time but I hope you will give it your full support.  They have a wonderful garden for small children next to the Conservatory with all sorts of experiences.  More from Marj about the Bonsai-a-thon regarding the volunteers needed.   

You have been asking for a field trip.  Since I am gone in February we will have to postpone it until March.  Saturday March 17 or March 24 are the best dates.  Please pick your favorite and let me know at the January meeting. I will check with Roy and see if he will be around.  He starts his travels in March.

October Exhibition

There has been concern that our exhibition fell on the same dates as the Conejo Fair.  We have been able to change our exhibition to the first weekend of October  –  please note the dates are now Saturday and Sunday  October 6th and 7th.
Please keep the following dates in mind:      

JANUARY 18, 2007 MEETING  –  Workshop  and elections
Bonsai-a-thon February 24 and 25
Field trip March 17 or March 24
February Meeting – February 15 

Please note that the club membership is due in January. 

News Editor
Ilse Stein

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