January 2015 Newsletter

2014 has finished on a high!

Our Holiday Potluck evening December 18th was a big success and enjoyed by all.

I have received many thank-yous from fellow members and received an e-mail from club Secretary Ken Martin, which I feel summed up the evening perfectly:

“Maxine and I really enjoyed ourselves last night. I really appreciated:

  1. You doing all the organizing.
  2. You, Debbie, and Guy [Ervin] setting up.
  3. Guy playing the piano.
  4. Ann [Lofquist] bringing the kimonos and dressing the girls up. What a touch of class.
  5. Bob [Pressler] donating the fabulous boxwood, expensive pot, and other donations (trees and gift certificates).
  6. Larry [Kimmelman] selling tickets.
  7. Bob doing the auctioning and prize calling.
  8. Grace [Sy] for keeping track of the money.
  9. Who did I miss? The food and the company were great.

“Ken – Secretary”
Thank you everyone for your help and participation in making it a big success! 2015 is starting out to be a busy bonsai year.

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