January 2018 Newsletter

What a way to end one year and start another: California’s worst recorded wildfire ravaged many acres of Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles counties in December 2017 followed by deadly floods and mudslides in January 2018! Sadly, many lives and homes were lost in the dual disaster. I have received no reports of members being affected by either event, and I hope that all members of the Conejo Valley Bonsai Society—and the area’s bonsai community—have come through these disasters safely.

As a club, our new-year transition was much happier. First, 2017 came to a successful close as our annual Holiday Pot-luck, Raffle & Auction was a blast. As usual, members provided the event with delicious food, good conversation, and bonsai camaraderie. Also, Guy Ervin was at the piano providing seasonal music. And due to enthusiastic raffle ticket purchases and auction bidding, we raised $825 to fund our programs in the new bonsai year.

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