July 2013 Newsletter

F or our July meeting we have our own Ken Fuentes demonstrating on his Ficus nerifolia (narrow-leaf ficus). Ken has many beautiful ficus trees–including shohin–so it should be a good evening. Members are welcome to bring their ficus if they would like Ken’s input.

The hot weather has hit us in full force. Keep an eye on your trees so the roots don’t cook in the small pots. You might find it necessary to set up some type of shade cloth or to move your trees under protection.

June was the Descanso Bonsai Society’s Exhibition. It was good to see many of our members attending. Al Espinoza won two awards—both first (in a tie) and third place in the shohin evergreen category. He brought his award-winning trees to our June meeting so we were able to review the trees and the judge’s comments he received.

The Golden State Bonsai Federation Convention is coming up in October. In our newsletter are the details for bookings—see page 4. This year the convention is going to be held in Burbank. Ted Matson and Bob Hilvers are putting it together. They will be calling on our

club for help and support. David Whiteside will keep us updated on the progress and program. We have been advised that the Convention details are now up on the GSBF webpage. Please use it to sign up for the convention and for classes.

We have been looking after the two bonsai trees at the Gardens of the World. Nat Stein’s elm tree is looking good. It was repotted this spring. The pine tree will require candle pruning in the next week or so. Our club members have been looking after them.

See you on Thursday the 18th.

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