July 2015 Newsletter

Our June meeting was a workshop and a club meeting regarding upcoming activities. Don’t forget the trip to Fuji Bonsai Nursery on Saturday July 18th. We are to arrive at 12:00 PM. We can work out details of carpools, etc., at our July meeting on the 16th.

At our July meeting we will have Kathy Benson as our demonstrator. Kathy will be working and commenting on an olive bonsai. Welcome Kathy.

Don’t forget our August meeting will be a workshop and our annual Swap Meet. We have found past summer meetings with a Swap Meet successful, so we will be repeating it again this year in August. Check your collection to see what you need to add or are ready to sell or swap for something else.

It’s now summer, so hot weather will be hitting us in full force. Keep an eye on your trees so the roots don’t cook in the small pots. You might find it necessary to set up some type of shade cloth or to move your trees under protection. I again mention to keep an eye on your wiring (this is my problem area). Watch for the wires cutting in. Also with the overcast mornings and extra humidity —watch for scale, mealy bug, spider mite, and the other small critters. The early registration f o r t h e Golden State Bonsai Federation Convention opened July 1, 2015. The application is online on the GSBF website (www.gsbf-bonsai.org) and in the latest issue of their magazine, Golden Statements. If you are thinking of going, have a look and maybe take up the discounted early-bird registration.

Please take care in looking after your trees. We have been advised of 20 trees stolen on June 17th from the San Gabriel Nursery.

We have received pictures of the trees should you come across trees being offered.

See you at our July meeting on Thursday the 16th.

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