July 2016 Newsletter

Our June meeting was an informative and fun night. Our own Ann Lofquist did her demonstration on tanuki bonsai. She brought materials for members so we can all go away and do our thing! Most attendees purchased the shimpaku juniper whips that Ann sold at cost ($25 each). She donated matching pieces of California juniper deadwood to the club, which we sold at modest prices. We raised more than $200 for the club. See the feature story on pages 4 – 7 of the newsletter for the details if you missed the demonstration or were there and want to refresh your memory. Of those who took the whip and deadwood kits home, I wonder how many have done it already? Thank you Ann for a great and engaging demonstration.

Just a reminder that our July and August meetings will be workshops, so bring your trees to work on. August also will be our annual swap meet, so start looking around your bonsai treasures and see if you have any material kicked to the curb you would like to bring or any pots or related items. They are all welcome. And please come to the August meeting with checkbook or cash so you can take advantage of the bargains offered by your fellow CVBS members!

I went to the Gardens of the World in Thousand Oaks this week to see how the late Nat Stein’s elm tree has survived the sooty mold treatment I gave it (see CVBS’s newsletter for April 2016 for details). I would like to report the tree is doing well. I was not able to get all of the black residue from the upper branch structure, but the tree is filling out with the new growth and is looking great. When visiting the Gardens, have a look at it.

Just a reminder: Should you like to take a stroll, the Gardens of the World is a relaxing place to do it. You can take a lunch and sit in the picnic area and enjoy it. They have been hosting our Bonsai exhibitions since our beginning. Go to their website to see other community activities they sponsor.

The early registration for the Golden State Bonsai Federation Convention 39 opened July 1, 2016. You can get the application from their website or their recent Golden Statements.

The convention is in Sacramento
this year, so check it out. The Club Library has not been used much in 2016. We are considering reducing the books and keeping the DVDs. It seems many of our members are using web materials and have their own library; therefore, we’re beginning to think that it is not necessary to carry all the books.

This will be a point to discuss at our next meeting—give this some thought.

There are a few summer bonsai shows in July and August, with more to come in September and October. Check page 8 of the newsletter for details about what’s coming.

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