June 2012 Newsletter

Our May workshop evening was a great and busy night! Many members brought trees to work on which really made it exciting to be part of the evening.

Our outlook for the club is much more of the same as there isn’t anything more exciting than to see members take an overgrown tree and turn it into their own bonsai creation. As the owner of the tree, there isn’t anything more gratify than to be please and proud of the tree you have created.

So, I would like to emphasize one of the most important factors is to get the best stock possible so you have something to work with. Visit as many nurseries as you can to get a feel of what is available and the cost. There are a variety of ways to get stock. Such as watching for trees/shrubs being removed from gardens or public areas. Quite often it is possible to get stock with a good base, which gives you a start in producing a mature looking bonsai.

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