June 2013 Newsletter

Our May evening with Kathy Benson was an eye opening evening.

I would like to thank the many members who brought in their olive trees. I was quite surprised with the great olive trees owned by the members. We saw a number of large-based trees in the collection which Kathy gave advice on. See Ken Martin’s article on page 4 of this newsletter for her comments.

I would like to remind everyone that our exhibition this October will be our 10th annual bonsai show. All ten annual shows have been held at the Gardens of the World. Originally it was for one day in the picnic area. Now the show runs both Saturday and Sunday, and it is in the Resource Center. In addition to the show, we have demonstrations in the bandstand. Start grooming your trees now so we can have a great show this year!

June is a busy show month. This coming weekend is the Descanso show—both Saturday and Sunday. There are vendor items for sale there as well as the exhibition. So if you need pots or plants, please check it out.

The spring shows are great to see—the new growth on the deciduous trees is beautiful.

This is a good time to see a variety of trees as well as the ubiquitous junipers.

Our meeting this month is a workshop. Please bring your trees in to work on. If you are
part of the mentoring program, be sure to contact your mentor so you can plan your working program. If you would like the assistance of a mentor, please ask Larry Kimmelman, David Whiteside, or me.

With the June gloom weather, watch your watering—too much or too little can be a disaster.

And with the spurts of warm weather, you have rapid tree growth so watch your wiring.

See you Thursday, June 20th.

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