June 2016 Newsletter

The Conejo Valley Bonsai Society’s board has invited Bob Pressler, owner of Kimura Bonsai Nursery in Northridge, to become an honorary life member of the club. He has graciously accepted.

We were introduced to Bob by one of our original members, the late Nat Stein, and Bob has been very supportive of our club since its founding 13 years ago. Over these years, Bob has generously committed abundant time and energy as well as material support to our club. His honorary membership is in recognition of all he has done for us. We would like to thank Bob for all his help and support.

Our May meeting was a workshop and we had some welcome visitors. We want to thank our community for its interest. A number of our members have given talks and demonstrations to other groups and organizations from time to time, which helps to build awareness of bonsai and promote our club.

At our June meeting our own Ann Lofquist will be doing the demonstration. Her topic will be how to make what’s called a tanuki graft, which joins a living tree to a piece of deadwood. She will have California juniper tree deadwood branches she has collected and is donating to the club; these will be for sale as a fundraiser for CVBS. Ann also will bring shimpaku whips in one-gallon cans, which she will sell at cost ($25). Members can purchase these materials and go home and try it ourselves. Out of curiosity, I looked up “tanuki” on the Internet and found: “Tanuki … Japanese Trickster & Spook.” This should prove to be a fun evening!

The Descanso Bonsai Society’s annual exhibition is on June 11th and 12th. (See the details on page 6.) In addition to the show, there will be demonstrations and club-member items for sale. If you need pots, plants, or bonsai related items, have a look.

The Golden State Bonsai Federation’s 39th Annual Convention will be in Sacramento from October 27 to 30 (see page 6). There will be group rates at the hotel and early-bird convention rates available beginning July 1. Check the GSBF website for details. This is a fundraiser for the GSBF, so they are calling on clubs and their members to help by donations or contributions to their raffle, auction, and other activities.

The GSBF Convention is a great opportunity to learn from workshops, lectures, and seminars as well as acquire plant material and about anything you need for your bonsai practice in the huge vendors area. Put this date on your calendar and maybe consider car-pooling with other members. We can discuss this further as the dates get closer.

The club has received as a gift from Michael Walker four large-base trees, which will go in our Holiday Raffle. (Mike has moved to San Diego.) The trees are currently in my back yard, and I will have pictures of them at our next meeting so you can see them. See you Thursday, June 16th!

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