March 2012 Newsletter

Our February demonstration with Bob Pressler from Kirmua Bonsai and Landscape Nursery was a reminder to us all about basics: The importance of looking after the roots! Our field trip on Saturday, February 18, to American Wholesale Nurseries was a big success. Everyone who went found stock. This is a 70-acre nursery with many items to go through.

Bonsai-A-Thon was the last weekend of February and was a big success. I would like to thank all the members of the Conejo Valley Bonsai Society for their help and contribution of time.

Our Thursday meeting for March is a workshop; please bring plenty of trees to work on.

Larry Kimmelman and David Whiteside have been working on the mentoring program. They will announce the mentor/ protégé teams at the workshop meeting (please see below for details).

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