May 2007 Newsletter

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MAY  2007

YES! We finally got all of the paper work into the City of Westlake Village.  On Friday, May 11th, we will have a walk through and then we are all set for our May meeting at the new place.  Now Nat can sleep again and his ulcers are healing.

Just a reminder we will meet Thursday, May 17, at the meeting room at the City Hall of Westlake Village. The address is 31200 Oak Crest Drive, Westlake Village.  It is the center building.  On the right is the Library and on the left the City Hall.

Directions: 101 Freeway to Lindero Canyon, south (right if you come from Ventura) to Agoura Road. Turn left on Agoura Road to Oak Crest Drive (there is a marker a few feet before your get there it is on the ground) turn right; about 300ft turn left to the parking lot. Click here for more detailed directions.

A reminder of the schedule for the remainder of the year.

May, June, July, August, and December, we will meet the Third Thursday
September Second Thursday, September 13
October Third Monday, October 15
November the Fourth Thursday, November 29

Our guest demonstrator this month will be Marcus Juniel

HINTS:  The month of May can be a treacherous time for the tender new leaves of Maples, Liquidambars, Birch, Beech and even Elms. Hot weather and blowing winds quickly dry these leaves and turn then brown on the edges.  Avoid direct, strong sunlight.

Avoid deep shade that encourages spindly and weak branches.  Semi-anything is best.  Keep trimming new shoots back to two or three sets of leaves.  Balance the density of the trees by selective trimming in all areas from the apex to the lower branches.

Evergreens and conifers must also be attended to in this early summer season.  Continue to pinch (fingers are still the best tool) back on the growing tips of evergreens.  Young, fast growing pines may de-candled.  Spread this activity out over several days.  Start low on the tree and work up to its apex.

Don’t overlook the continuing fertilization programs.  May and June are months of the fastest growth.  Growth drains energy.  Food reinforces the plants ability to survive!  Japanese masters often criticize the American bonsaist’s timidity when it comes to feeding, Fast growth also signals the need to watch your wiring.  Keep up the defensive spraying with insecticides and fungicides.  This is the favorite time for prolific aphids and ugly mildew formation.  Avoid fruiting and flowering trees during these months – spray carefully, feed sparingly.

This article has been extracted from the recently published book “Bonsai Ideas” by Marty Mann. Material is not to be copied without publisher or author’s permission.

News Editor
Ilse Stein

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