May 2009 Newsletter

Take advantage of our mild weather this month because it’s giving us extra time to repot and perform just about any training necessary (see Barrett’s Bonsai Tips, page 5). Bonsai has a relaxing effect, so allow yourself some time every day to enjoy your collection.

It seems that the entertainment industry has caught on to how a bonsai tree, properly placed in a scene, can create an interesting effect. Bonsai are popping up in TV ads, Hollywood features, and in the news media—witness the recent Fox News coverage of the National Arboretum’s Bonsai & Penjing collection on the eve of the National Bonsai Federation’s annual bonsai festival. In some scenes the bonsai are used to express serenity, in others concentration, and for a general catch all, a nice decoration. These are some of the reasons I have been involved with bonsai for so many years.

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