May 2012 Newsletter

At our April meeting, Ted Matson’s demonstration of a Yaupon Holly was more than a demonstration: It was an informative discussion not only on what to look for in a Yaupon Holly, but also what to look for in bonsai tree material in general. (There will be a detailed article in the June issue .)

The California Bonsai Society convention in April was a tribute to the “Iron Men of Naka”: Richard Ota, Frank Goya, Ben Oki, Harry Hirao, and Shig Miya. All five of these men are still doing demonstrations for their club and you will often see their names on trees (and usually large trees) in a variety of shows. They studied with John Naka during his life and all went on to shape and lead the bonsai community in Southern California for many years.

All in all, the CBS show made for a great bonsai weekend. The exhibition included a huge oak tree by Al Nelson. He will be doing our demonstration in November. The vendor section had a large array of trees from which to choose, including many finished bonsai.

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