May 2014 Newsletter

Our April meeting was the final demonstration in a series of three by Bob Pressler, owner of Kimura Bonsai Nursery in Northridge and a member of this club. During this installment, Bob finished the boxwood he’s been working on for us since March 2013. It was a fun night. Bob put the tree in a bonsai pot. It had been severely cut back and wired (see story, page 4). The tree is beautiful and will be in our Holiday Potluck Auction.

Our May meeting will be a workshop, so bring your trees. Start thinking about and preparing the trees you want to put in our October show. You might want help with styling or potting, so bring them in.

We have confirmed our club’s annual exhibition at the Gardens of the World for 2014. It will be the first weekend of October— Saturday and Sunday October 4th and 5th. Set-up will be the Friday before, so please put these dates on your calendar. There are a number of club spring exhibitions coming up. For May we have the Bonsai Club of Santa Barbara show and in June there is the Descanso Bonsai Society. These are just a couple of local shows (for details see page 8 of this newsletter).

I am putting out a call for support by members to put trees in our niche display. (See page 7 for the current list.) Don’t feel intimidated—this display is also meant to be a learning experience whereby we can show and discuss our work-in-progress trees. The Bonsai at Home section of our Newsletter, started by Ann Lofquist, is an interesting addition (see story, page 7). Thanks Ann!

We have been getting temperature swings. Last week was quite hot and trees in small pots can easily have their little roots cooked, so think about repositioning some of your smaller trees to a shady area.

See you Thursday, May 15th (it’s coming early this month)!

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