May 2015 Newsletter

Our April meeting was a workshop. We were all busy working on our trees and we planned for our Camarillo Public Library show, which was the first weekend in May.

The show was a great success. Thank you everyone! Because of the large size of the room, we put the call out for many trees and especially for large trees. We had a good response with plenty of trees.

By the Library’s count, we had over 250 visitors. With the full day of educational programs in addition to the exhibition, it was a busy day. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and there were many questions asked.

We had some guests who stayed the full day taking in the lecture and all the demonstrations.

A special thanks goes out to Ann Lofquist, Bob Pressler, Ken Martin, and Ken Fuentes for providing the lecture and demonstrations for the day and to Frank Greenway for providing the great suiseki display and literature.

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