May 2019 Newsletter

T he Conejo Valley Bonsai Society’s May demonstration is going to be a real treat. Bonsai master Mel Ikeda will do a rock planting that is unique to him. His technique is different from anything you have seen elsewhere, so don’t miss this great opportunity to learn about his approach.

Poor lighting has been a persistent problem for our demonstrations. Our guest demonstrators have difficulty seeing the material they’re working on. And members complain of missing a lot of the subtleties of what the demonstrator is doing. I have discussed lighting with other clubs and have found we are not alone in this problem.
But now we may have help: member Larry Garfinkel has found a table lamp that hopefully will overcome this negative. The bad news for Mel is that he will be our guinea pig. With luck, the good news will be that he—and those in the audience—will be able to see what he’s doing.

I would like to remind CVBS members of our niche display program. As everyone who was at our April meeting saw, Nancy Smeets did an excellent presentation of her first shohin display.

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