November 2011 Newsletter

Jim Barrett, our October demonstrator, opened our eyes to the world of pots! He showed us a variety of pots, talked about their history and manufacturers, and then about how to use them—a very important point. It is easy to drop into the pattern of falling in love with a pot, buying it—then when we need one, we don’t have the right one. Also, it is good for us all to have a better understanding of what to look for in a pot.

The end of October saw the Golden State Bonsai Federation’s Convention in Riverside. It was a fun weekend for all of us who attended. The workshop trees this year were gorgeous. Class participants found themselves with very good trees and with a great teacher to get them started. The demonstrations are always fun to watch. There is a variety of trees being worked on and many techniques to see, so I recommend spending the time and watching. Also, the exhibition critique is great help for planning our own exhibition! And don’t forget the vendor section. There are always new things to see and buy—whether it be trees or tools or pots or… or … or. Or so it goes in the world of bonsai!

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