November 2013 Newsletter

O ur October meeting with our demonstrator, Bob Pressler, was a fun evening. Bob was working on the ongoing boxwood project and it is really coming along very well.

The end of October/early November saw the Golden State Bonsai Federation Convention in Burbank. I would like to thank all our members who helped out as volunteers. It was a great weekend for all who attended. The workshops had beautiful trees. I am sure all who signed up ended up with some great bonsai trees.

The exhibition was excellent, with both large and small trees. And for the stone lovers there was the suiseki exhibition, which included a section of rare chrysanthemum stones. We all went through the vendor section many times looking for treasures. There was a good selection of tools, pots and trees. The GSBF convention for 2014 will be held in Sacramento at the end of October/early November.

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