October 2014 Newsletter

Our 11th Annual Bonsai Exhibition at the Gardens of the World in Thousand Oaks was a great success, even with the extremely hot weather! I would like to thank everyone for your help and participation. There were many compliments on the exhibition and the trees. It could not have happened without your help and your trees. Thanks!

The People’s Choice award really engaged our visitors and created a lot of questions and interest in the trees.

Selecting only one tree was a dilemma for most visitors.

Even the kids pitched in—checking out the trees and making a selection. Hopefully we can stimulate our future bonsai artists!
David Williams took photographs of the trees, which in due course will appear in our newsletter. Thank you David and all who helped!

Rick Naber made beautiful block stands for the shohin display. He donated the stands to the club—many thanks Rick.

Our October meeting will be a workshop. Please bring in your trees to work on with your mentor or our advisor.

Don’t forget that the Golden State Bonsai Federation Convention in Sacramento is coming up at the end of October/beginning of November. See page 5 for details. Time gets away, so don’t forget to check the dates and put them on your calendar.

We will be appointing a nominating committee for the 2015 Conejo Valley Bonsai Society officers. If you are able to help or have suggestions, please let me or a fellow officer know.

See you Thursday the 16th.

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