October 2016 Newsletter

Our September meeting was a demonstration by David and June Nguy of West America Trading Company. (See page 4 for Ken Martin’s report.) They worked on two of the four trees that recently were donated to our club. Both trees were very overgrown. David and June turned them into the start of beautiful bonsai with great bases. These trees will be part of our holiday auction. So save up!

Our October meeting will be a demonstration by Tom Vuong. Tom will be working on an olive. He has many very large olive trees in his collection. It should be a great night.

The first weekend of October we held our 13th Annual Bonsai Exhibition and Demonstrations at the Gardens of the World in Thousand Oaks. We had a very busy weekend with many visitors.

On Saturday Ken Fuentes did both demonstrations and helped our visitors as the bonsai tree “doctor.” On Sunday Ken Martin did a demonstration in the morning and in the afternoon Ann Lofquist did a talk on Bonsai 101, which included sample trees. On Sunday Norm Nason assisted by David Williams, Ken Martin, and David Whiteside photographed all of the members’ trees; those photos will be appearing in future issues of our newsletter.

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