October 2017 Newsletter

The Conejo Valley Bonsai Society’s 14th An-nual Exhibition the weekend of October 7 – 8 was the most successful we have ever put on. Most of both days, a virtually constant stream of visitors through the Resource Center of the Gar-dens of the World in Thousand Oaks kept our volunteers busy answering questions, explaining bonsai, and promoting our club.

On Saturday, visitors started arriving right at the 9:00 AM opening and continued all day. Sun-day morning started off a little slower, but by 11:00 AM we were all busy answering questions until the end of the day.

Two specific measures of success should be mentioned. First, 14 people signed up for more information about the club. Several of these ex-pressed a strong interest in joining. Some of these already are bonsai enthusiasts with their own collections.

Second, we had one demonstration in the afternoon of each day and both demon-strations were well attended. We thought Saturday’s was successful with about eight visitors in the audience, but that was blown away by Sunday’s crowd of 35 in a standing-room-only demonstration. Some visitors that went to the demo came back to the exhibition and had more questions.

Ken Fuentes did both demos on small junipers. Thank you, Ken! The two trees that Ken worked on will be auctioned off at our annual Holiday Potluck, Raffle & Auction that we will have in December.

The quality of the exhibition itself was excellent. I know many members were having difficulty with their trees due to the hot weather, but you could not tell by looking at the exhibition trees—as you can see by the photographs in this issue. It was a show that every participant can be proud of. Thank you all!

We conducted the ever-popular People’s Choice competition as we have for some years. It’s amazing how enthusiastic most visitors are about having the opportunity to vote for their favorite tree. The People’s Choice award this year goes to Rick Na-ber for his forest of foemina junipers.

On Sunday afternoon David Williams photographed all of the member trees. Ken Martin, Larry Kimmelman, and David Whiteside provided the necessary support. Thank you all.

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