September 2013 Newsletter

W e have just completed our 10th Annual Bonsai Exhibition at the Gardens of the World in Thousand Oaks. I would like to thank everyone for your help and participation. We had many compliments on the show. It could not have happened without your help and your trees.

We had a real problem with coming up with enough tables for the show. We did have to buy some. Many thanks to Rick Naber for the use of his truck and for organizing this for us. The People’s Choice award again created a lot of interest. The most difficult part for our guests was to pick only one tree. All the trees were numbered and the visitors selected their favorite, wrote down its number, and put it into a bin. The winner will be announced at our next meeting.

David Williams took photographs of the trees, which will appear in our newsletter in November and December. Thanks to David and his team of helpers! Our Thursday meeting will have Bob Pressler again working on the boxwood he is developing over several demonstrations. He started on it earlier in the year with a severe prune. This
month, he will be shaping and taking it to its next stage. Don’t forget the October 31 – Nov 3 Golden State Bonsai Federation Convention in Burbank.

Details are on page 4 of our newsletter. As a club, we are members of GSBF, from which
we derive many benefits. We are calling on all members to support the GSBF by volunteering to help. I have emailed the entire work schedule to all members. Please work out the time and day you can help. GSBF is depending on
our club to contribute to the volunteer effort.

Time is creeping by so don’t forget to check these dates and put them on your calendar.
With 2014 around the corner, don’t forget we will be addressing the board positions. Four officers will be elected for a one-year term. (The officers appoint our committee chairs.) If you can help, please let us know.

See you Thursday the 17th.

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